Services Available in Frontier


Garbage and recycling are available to each resident through Waste Managementl.  Normal pickup is on Monday of each week. Should you have questions about garbage services or to sign up for pickup services, please visit Waste Management's website at



Water is provided to Frontier by Cass Rural Water.  Some select properties still have a private well.  Should you have questions about water service or to set up service, please contact Cass Rural Water directly at (800) 922-2798.



Electrical Services are provided by Cass County Electric.  To set up services or for questions regarding off-peak services, please contact Cass County Electric directly at (800) 248-3292.



Gas services are provided by Xcel Energy.  Should you have questions regarding regarding gas service or to sign up for services, please contact Xcel Energy directly at (800) 895-4999.



Cable services are provided by either Mid-Continent Communications (800) 888-1300 or Sparklight (formerly cableone) (888) 204-9383



Sewer services are provided by the City of Frontier.  Gray water is run off properties and eventually ends up in the City of Fargo's sewer system.  Solid waste from holding tanks is contracted with the City of Fargo.  Should you have any concerns/questions regarding this process, please contact a member of the City Council.



Law enforcement services are provided to the City of Frontier by the Cass County Sheriff's Department.  They can be reached at 701-241-5800 or by dialing 911 for Emergency Services.


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City of Frontier
Mailing Address:

5202 32nd ST S


Community Center:

5622 35th ST S

Frontier, ND 58104