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BJ Blanchette, Mayor

BJ was elected to Mayor in December of 2016.  Previously, BJ held a City Council position since June 2012.  BJ has been a resident of Frontier since 2011.  BJ is married and has 3 children who have all been a big reason for him getting involved with the city government.  BJ has worked for Home Depot for the last 18 years and loves what he does!  Frontier is the perfect place to live and BJ hopes he can conitnue improving on that for many years to come!


BJ can be reached via email at

Wade Borth, Member of Council

Wade was elected to City Council in June of 2014.  He has been a resident of Frontier since August of 2005 and we have grown our family since moving here.  Wade works in the life insurance and financial services industry.  Wade and Lynette moved to Frontier to get the best of both the small town feel and close proximity to Fargo.  When asked why he wanted to serve he said “everyone should take the best of their skills and put them to work for the betterment of his community”.  




Wade can be reached via email at

Adam Silbernagel, Member of Council

Adam and his wife, Amber, moved to Frontier in February 2008. They have been married 10 years and have two children. He holds a Finance Degree from MSUM and has worked for Town & Country Credit Union for the last 12 years, most recently accepting the position as SVP, Chief Information Officer.  Adam and his family have enjoyed living in Frontier as it combines small town living with the conveniences of a larger city. Adam chose to run for city council as he wanted to become more involved in the community where he lived.


Adam can be reached via email at

Jon Whiting, Member of Council

Jon was elected to City Council in June of 2016.  He has been a resident of Frontier since October 2013 and has really enjoyed being part of the community.  Jon works at Advanced AutoBody and Glass as a Painter/Prep Worker and has been employed there for 16+ years. When asked why he wanted to be on the City Council, Jon’s response was:  I really want the opportunity to contribute to the City of Frontier and keep it a great community for our residents.



Jon can be reached via email at

Terry Chambers, Member of Council

*Under construction




Terry can be reached via email at

Joann Brandenburg, City Auditor

Joann has been the auditor for Frontier since 1987.  She and her family moved into their home in 1977.  At that time there were only 3 homes in Frontier, dirt roads, and a very County Road 6 (52nd Ave).  Joann has a daycare in her home and has operated this for over 30 years.  Joann says that her and her family have enjoyed living here, watching the area and Frontier grow!





Joann can be reached via email at


City Building Inspector - Shane Amundson


Shane can be reached via email at

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